The Warmth for All Project and Drop Off Sites



The Challenge: Create handmade items to provide warmth for the adult homeless or others needing some extra warmth. Hats will certainly be welcome but if you’d prefer to make a scarf or you just love to make socks, gloves, mittens, finger-less gloves, cowls, etc.  that’s fine too. Any adult size item that will make for a warmer winter will be appreciated.

The Goal: Collect handmade items for the men and women at Transition Projects shelters.

Drop off points are:

    Unicorn Bake Shop
    2824 SE Gladstone St
    Portland, OR 97202, US

See their website for hours: 

You can drop off your handmade items here year-round.

   Transition Projects at 665 NW Hoyt, Portland           

 They accept donations 24/7 but because of storage concerns, request that you drop off items only from October thru January.  When you drop your items here, please label
the bags or boxes
                      Attn: Tamara Chacon 
                      Warmth for All

 Mailing Address:

   Transition Projects
   Attn: Tamara Chacon - Warmth for All
   665 NW Hoyt
   Portland, OR  97209

The Details for Transition Projects:

Sizes: Adult sizes for both men and women.  Items for infants and children can not be accepted - ONLY ADULT SIZES. 

Patterns: Whatever you like! If you need inspiration, check out our patterns page.
Colors: Your choice. Solid colors and dark colors are most welcome. You may want something colorful for women but more subdued for men.
Comment from one of the WFA crafters:
  "Darker colored hats and accessories are worn mostly by the homeless.  They do not want to stand out, only to blend in to their surroundings and be left alone.  When you are in a group and you are wearing a shocking pink and bright yellow hat and scarf and the others are in black, brown, navy and dark greens, who is the one to more than likely be singled out?  I know, I have been there. . .  you do not want to draw attention to yourself."     

Any questions? Want to set up a chapter of Warmth For All in your home town? Send an email to


Note on tax deductions:  Here is the IRS link for charitable donations:

It states that time and service costs cannot be deducted but material cost can be deducted.  Keep track of the yarn cost for the items you donate to Warmth for All and when you list them on your taxes, list them to Transition Projects